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My comic, Kaia

Oh my, I've cross posted this EVERYWHERE, I'm so so sorry you have all seen this...

Over the past few months I've been working on the first issue of a comic with EGL inspired fashion in it. It's called Kaia ^^; well, it's now on sale! It's only self published though ^^;;

Please take the time to look.

It's not your normal EGL bag, it's a sci-fi. This is only the first issue and will end up being approx 100 pages long. The comic gets much better as it goes on... obviously. But here goes.

I'm having to put info here as my circles website is moving servers and so isn't updated yet.

Summary: After a destructive world war Kaia is desperate to protect the welfare and happiness of all those left. She wants to find a way to get back home...
Description: Kaia, named after her destroyed planet of birth, can no longer stand the dismal world she now lives in. She meets a young girl and realises she can no longer try to make this new world her home. After fighting for so long she makes the desision to try to make her way back to a place called home, only it's not as simple as she would like it to be.
Pages: 28


And now... You can buy it here. Shipping in the UK is free ^^; but we do ship world-wide.

And my website... for more artwork -

thank you T_T; feel free to ask questions.
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