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New art

Hello, my first post here (if my memory doesn't fail me) and my first good CG, what a coincidence! xD I hope it's GL enough, but on the other hand.... Is it? Oh, yes, it can be a Wa-Loli. I didn't make it with a "must be a lolita" thought, so I'm wondering~ xD Anyway, I hope you like it, please comment! This is... Hm, I think my 4th or 3rd CG. ^_^

Ara, I almost forgot to introduce myself. Let it be very brief. You can call me Mada, I'm 19 years old, girl, from Poland. I like art, Japan *coughjapanesemajorcough* and gothic lolita among other things. ^_^; Hope this'll do.

Please comment and thank you! Remember the copyright belongs to me.
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